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Our Gumbi Gumbi Farm

Our natural food, Gumbi Gumbi (also known as Gumby Gumby), is wild harvested on a 2,000-acre certified organic farm and neighbouring properties positioned in the beautiful mountain foothills of South Queensland, on Waka Waka country.

The area remains one of deep spiritual significance to Australian Aboriginal people today. Waka Waka country used to be a seasonal meeting place for the Jarowair people and other various Australian Aboriginal tribes. Every three to four years, Australian Aboriginals gathered and shared the bountiful bunya nuts and fruits, conduct ceremony and business, and enjoy culture and celebration. It was how they got their name Jarowair, which means 'giving'.

How Are Gumbi Gumbi Natural Food Capsules Made?

Waka Waka is a pristine region with rich volcanic scrub soil. We ensure that the Gumbi Gumbi trees (Pittosporum Angustifolium) grow in their natural environment and are free to thrive naturally. When we harvest the plants, we use a technique known as wildcrafting to ensure that our product is ethical and sustainable.

Our produce is sustainably harvested from healthy trees by hand, then washed, dried and milled into powder before being capsulated and packaged through our food-safe facility for Australia-wide distribution. No artificial additives are used, just 100% Gumbi Gumbi straight from the tree.

Based on which farm the Gumbi Gumbi came from (ours or neighbouring farms), we offer two types of Gumbi Gumbi capsules. These are 'Organic' or 'Wild Harvested' capsules.

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What is Wildcrafting?

Wildcrafting is a more modern term for the traditional method of foraging, which is the practice of gathering leaves and twigs from the natural habitat.

The Gumbi Gumbi trees that we harvest have grown in their natural environment for many years. Selected for the quality of bark and leaves, only the healthy and vigorous trees are harvested from. They are then left to restore their growth. It is a relationship of reciprocity between the tree and the harvester, and the tree and you.

A wildcrafted harvest also has the benefit of being spray-free and is not contaminated by the pollutants plants are exposed to in machinery harvesting. The trees are not ravaged by machinery during the harvest. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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